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Our Gahanna and Columbus Optometrists Answer Vision Therapy FAQs

If you, your child or another loved in your life is having problems that make normal, strain-free visual acuity impossible, you may be guided toward vision therapy as a potential solution. But many people who undergo eye exams and correction for routine refractive errors may be understandably in the dark about what vision therapy consists of, how it helps and when it makes sense as a treatment option. If you find yourself in that boat, rest assured that our Gahanna and Columbus optometrists at Berk Eye Care Center can enlighten you on the subject. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about vision therapy.

young girl in Gahanna  during vision therapy

  • What is Vision Therapy?
    The term "vision therapy" refers to exercises and other therapeutic techniques aimed at correcting functional problems that impact vision. The goal of vision therapy is to improve the way the eyes communicate with the brain, both as a team and individually.
  • When is Vision Therapy normally recommended?
    Visual therapy is commonly recommended to correct issues involving the eye muscles that prevent normal eye teaming, focus and coordination. Strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are physically misaligned, is one example. But it is also prescribed to correct neurological imbalances that affect vision -- notably amblyopia ("lazy eye"), in which one eye dominates the other.
  • How do your eye doctors determine when Visual Therapy is in order?
    Our eye doctors can discover eye function abnormalities in the course of a comprehensive eye exam. We can perform tests to observe how well the eyes track objects, perceive color and depth, and provide a balanced, accurate stereoscopic image. We also note any obvious alignment problems that might require correction.
  • Why might children be in need of Vision Therapy?
    Childhood is a period in the eyes and the brain learn how to work together for proper eyesight. Problems that inhibit this developmental process are best treated as early as possible, not only to help ensure a lifetime of normal visual processing but also to give kids the clarity of vision necessary for learning, sports and academic performance.
  • Why might adults require Vision Therapy?
    You may need vision therapy is you've been struggling with a longstanding eye function issue or a more recent problem such as a stroke or injury that interferes with your eye-brain coordination.
  • What specific types of treatments could I expect from Vision Therapy?
    Eye exercises are an important aspect of vision therapy, especially if the eye muscles need to be re-trained for optimal coordination and focus. Eye covers, prismatic lenses or special lens filters are other useful therapeutic tools.
  • Does it really work?
    Studies show that vision therapy can and does improve eye function well enough to help patients read, learn and pursue their everyday lives more easily. It definitely works!

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