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Ortho-K Lenses for Residents of
Gahanna and Columbus

Berk Eye Care Center is your comprehensive eye care practice with offices in Gahanna and Columbus Ohio. We take great pride in providing you with the latest in technology in eye care and vision care for your entire family. We have four excellent doctors and a dynamic, friendly staff to take care of all your visual needs.

Ortho-K contact  lenses in Columbus

What is Ortho K and How can it Help Your Vision?

Ortho K – properly referred to as Orthokeratology – is a simple way to adjust your vision and reduce your dependence on eyecare products such as glasses and contacts. Essentially, your Ortho K treatment is a set of lenses you wear overnight. These gas permeable lenses transmit oxygen for optimum eye health, while at the same time gently reshaping the surface of your eye. When it is misshapen, this surface – called the cornea – causes vision problems, so reshaping it can mean you no longer need to rely on glasses or contact lenses during the day.

How do Our Optometrists Decide on an Ortho K Contact Lens Prescription?

Our optometrists will first perform an eye exam to determine the cause of your vision difficulties. If they determine that a misshapen cornea is the problem, they may be able to give you an Ortho K contact lens prescription. If you know you have a corneal issue and would like to try Ortho K contact lenses, talk to our eye doctors today.

Can Ortho K Combine with Other Optometry Services to Help Your Eyes?

Many people worry that if they use Ortho K lenses to correct their eyes, they will no longer be able to turn to their other optometry solutions. Fortunately, that’s not true. Because you take out the lenses when you get up in the morning, you can then put in other corrective eyewear if you still need it. That means your other optometry solutions – typically glasses and contacts – will still work for your eyes.

However, typically your Ortho K treatments will last a day or two, meaning you won’t need your glasses or lenses at all during that time. If you go on a trip or forget to put your Ortho K lenses in, however, it’s no big deal, because you can just use your traditional eyewear to compensate for the lack of affects until you can put your nighttime lenses in again.

Our Expert Eye Doctors in Gahanna and Columbus, Ohio

When you’re looking for expert eye doctors in Gahanna and Columbus, don’t wait to give us a call. Here at Berk Eye Care Center, we believe strongly in providing the best possible care around, along with lenses, frames and other eyewear products that will help you see better while looking stylish.

Because we strive always to be accessible to all our clients, we have offices in both Gahanna and Columbus. Call 614-476-2015 to make an appointment with our Gahanna office, or 614-866-9002 to see one of our professional eye doctors at the Columbus office.

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