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LASIK Surgery Evaluation and Referral by Our Optometrists at Berk Eye Care Center in Columbus & Gahanna, OH

At Berk Eyecare Center, our eye doctors provide comprehensive vision care, including LASIK surgery consultations and referrals. Let our Columbus and Gahanna optometrists make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK through an evaluation, help you prepare for the eye surgery, and perform all of your pre- and post-operative eye care. 

eye doctor giving exam

When Our Eye Doctors Recommend LASIK

Our Gahanna and Columbus eye doctors know that LASIK isn't the right answer for everyone. Generally speaking, we recommend LASIK for individuals who have a mild or moderate degree of hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism. If you have severe myopia, for example, we may suggest you avoid LASIK. 

If you suffer from presbyopia, which makes it difficult to focus on objects that are close by, we may suggest you consider LASIK alternatives. LASIK can improve your distance vision, but worsen the blur of items close by. If you have presbyopia but still want to try LASIK, we might suggest getting one eye corrected. This way, you can see close items with one eye and distanced items with the other. Since your eyes have different focusing powers, monovision correction takes some time to adjust to. 

Our optometrists generally recommend LASIK for adults over age 18, since young eyes are subject to change. 

Pre LASIK Surgery Consultations in Columbus and Gahanna, OH

The first step toward getting LASIK is seeing our Gahanna and Columbus eye doctors for a consultation. We'll review your medical history and check your vision and eye health through a comprehensive exam. Our optometrists also explain what to expect in full detail, so you know the process, recovery, and costs associated with getting LASIK. We will refer you to a local eye surgeon for the procedure, then co-manage your LASIK experience by providing all of the pre- and post-operative care at our eye clinic.

If our optometrists find that your eyes are not a good fit for LASIK, we may recommend other options for vision correction. If we think your eyes can handle LASIK, our eye doctors will provide surgical referral. The eye surgeon may perform additional tests to verify that you are a viable candidate for LASIK.  

Post LASIK Surgery Evaluation and Consultations that Our Optometrists Perform 

After the procedure, you'll return to either our Gahanna or Columbus eye clinic for a post-surgical evaluation and follow-up care. Our optometrists want to make sure your eyes are healing properly and address any side effects early on. In a LASIK follow-up exam, we will take away the eye shield, check your eyes, and test your vision. We may give you eyedrops or medication to alleviate any pain or discomfort you feel. Once our eye doctors feel confident you are healing, we will give you the all-clear to participate in daily activities. 

Schedule an Eye Exam, Evaluation, and Consultation at Our Gahanna or Columbus Optometry Clinics

Are you ready to have a consultation with our eye doctors? Reserve an appointment with our Columbus optometry clinic by calling (614) 866-9002, or schedule a visit to our Gahanna optometry clinic by calling 614-476-2015. No matter which eye care clinic you visit, you will receive friendly service from eye doctors who understand LASIK. 

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