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Eye Exam for Kids

Our Gahanna and Columbus optometrists at Berk Eye Care Center are dedicated to helping your child see clearly and correcting common childhood eye ailments and vision problems, including lazy eye, nearsightedness, farsightedness and tracking and teaming problems.

Benefits of Pediatric Eye Exams at Berk Eye Care Center

Visual problems can do more than prevent your child from seeing the board.  They can negatively affect your child’s grades and learning progress is school, and they can interfere with your child’s hand/eye coordination and make it difficult for your child to participate in sports and other physical activities.

If vision problems are detected, our eye doctor will explain the findings and the available treatment options.  Common treatments include glasses, vision therapy and patching.  Glasses help correct visual acuity problems.  Vision therapy helps your child’s eyes work together, and patching can help correct a lazy eye.

female optometrist giving eye exam to child

Common Childhood Eye Ailments

An eye exam for kids can help diagnose visual acuity problems and eye health problems before they impact your child’s ability to learn and develop.

  • Crossed Eyes
  • Eye Alignment Problems
  • Farsightedness
  • Lazy Eye
  • Nearsightedness
  • Tracking and Teaming Problems

Eye exams with our Gahanna and Columbus children’s eye doctor are designed according to your child’s age.  Infants and very young children are often given visual screening exams, which are less involved than comprehensive eye exams.  Vision screening exams test your child’s pupil response to light and their ability to focus on and follow an object.

Children that are of preschool age are tested using either letters or specially designed cards with pictures of animals or shapes.  Young children do not need to be able to read letter to undergo an eye exam.  A retinoscopy test can help determine if your child needs glasses by testing the reflection of light on the back of your child’s eye, and dot tests are used to determine your child’s depth perception. 

Older children are given standard eye tests that test for visual acuity, depth perception and tracking and teaming.  If problems are noted with your child’s eyes, our eye doctor may recommend a prescription for eye glasses.

Pediatric Eye Exams in Gahanna and Columbus, OH

Our eye doctor for kids in Gahanna and Columbus, OH recommends that infants first see our eye doctor by the age of six months.  This helps ensure your baby’s eyes are developing properly, and that your baby has no visual problems that would impact his or her development.

Another eye appointment should be scheduled around the time your child turns three years old.  If no eye problems are detected, your child will need another exam before they start kindergarten or first grade.

Grade school and high school students should receive annual exams before the beginning of the school year.

To schedule an eye exam with our kids eye doctor in Gahanna and Columbus, call us today!

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