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Treatment for Astigmatism in Columbus, OH

Astigmatism is one of the most common eye conditions that cause blurred vision. It happens when the cornea, which is the clear anterior part of the eye has a defect or when the lens itself is out of shape. This can cause blurred vision at any distance. At Berk Eye Care Center we often see patients with astigmatism along with nearsightedness or farsightedness. There is no single cause for astigmatism, but it's often present from birth and can better or worse as time goes on.


How Astigmatism Happens

Astigmatism mostly happens and is affected based on the shape of your eye curvature. The curvature of the cornea and lens bends the light that enters your eye, focusing it at a certain point on the retina at the back of the eye to meet at a focus. If your eye is round, like a basketball, this focusing will work well no matter what angle the light is when it enters.

With astigmatism, the eye is shaped more like a football, which causes the focused point to fall short on many angles. So light doesn’t reach the back of the retina fully. Therefore the picture isn't clear and blurred. In addition, this curvature can change during your life, causing your focus to change at the same time.

Treating Astigmatism at Berk Eye Care Center

At Berk Eye Care Center, our doctors take a varied approach to correcting your vision if you have astigmatism. The best method used depends on your lifestyle and vision needs.

  • Most patients opt for eyeglasses to solve their vision problems. We can prescribe a special lens to compensate for your vision problems. In most cases, a single vision lens will work, but older patients with presbyopia may benefit from bifocal lenses.
  • Some patients have better results with contact lenses than with eyeglasses. They produce a clearer field of vision, but they do require concentrated daily cleaning and care. Special contact lenses, called toric lenses, have multiple prescriptions across the surface, allowing your eye to see clearly no matter what the angle. Rigid gas permeable lenses can be another good option.
  • Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is another good option for many patients. Our doctor will fit a special pair of rigid contact lenses to your eyes, and you'll wear them overnight. The lenses gently reshape your eyes while you sleep, providing temporary correction. You take out the lenses in the morning and enjoy clear vision for up to 48 hours afterward. This is not a permanent solution, and you have to wear the lenses every night, but you'll have clear vision without correction during the day.

Call Us Today To Make An Appointment To Treat Your Eyes!

If you've been told you have astigmatism, it's important that you get a thorough eye examination before discussing your treatment options. Call 614-476-2015 to schedule an eye appointment. 

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