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What You Should Know About A Contact Lens Exam And Evaluation

Even though your vision may not be 20/20, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have great vision and look good at the same time. As part of Berk Eye Care Center’s dedication to serving the eye care needs of the Gahanna and Columbus Ohio communities, our staff offers corrective contact lens evaluations and prescription management. In order to understand more about our corrective contact lens options, let’s explore what you’ll experience during your eye exam evaluation, and what kind of contact lens fitting options will be available to you.Getting the right contact lens at Berk Eye Care Center

The Evaluation Stage by Our Optometrists

The Berk Eye Care Center’s team of four optometrists first determines what level of vision correction you require before you can select the right contact lens. As a part of your eye exam and evaluation, you’ll be tested for refractive errors. That’s just a big term to describe conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, which has to do with your eye’s ability to focus.

For the evaluation, our optometrists will take a variety of measurements, including testing how your eye focuses when different lenses are placed in front of them with a phoropter. Not all eye sizes are the same either, which means your optometrist will make sure you have a contact lens with the right curvature to fit your eye’s unique shape. Your doctor will be using instruments like a keratometer to measure your corneal curvature, and a biomicroscope, which will measure your pupil and iris size.

Each step of the test is designed to not only find you the right contact lenses, but also ensure they fit your eyes comfortably.

Choosing Corrective Lenses

After your evaluation, our optometrists will work with you to determine whether glasses or contact lenses will work best for your current lifestyle. If the doctor detects conditions like dry eyes or eye allergies during the tear film evaluation test, you may find that glasses work better. However, there are now especially designed contact lenses which for people who produce less moisture in their eyes. In general, contact lenses will work for most people.  

Both soft contact lenses and gas permeable contact lenses are available options. Certain contact lenses may require more care, and will either need to be changed daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on which ones you choose.

There are also specialized contact lenses available, such as bifocal lenses, which are suited for patients with certain eye conditions.

Your Options Regarding Cosmetic Lenses

In addition to the standard corrective lenses are also cosmetic lenses. These contact lenses are available in a wide variety of appealing options and can allow you to do a lot with your look. You can even choose a different eye color from your current one or help camouflage any eye color irregularity you’re experiencing.

Optometry Follow-Ups in Gahanna and Columbus, Ohio

Once you have your prescribed lenses, it’s important to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the lenses are working right for you and that your eyes are properly tolerating them. A special dye may be used to see if the lenses are damaging your cornea or making your eyes too dry. In most cases, a different pair of lenses or changing the lens material should help correct any problems.

If you’re interested in a contact lens exam and evaluation in Gahanna location contact us at 614-476-2015 or contact our Columbus Ohio location today at 614-866-9002 and speak with our knowledgeable staff.  Berk Eye Care Center believes in delivering excellent eye care, vision care, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and quality contacts through quality and affordability. 

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