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Posted on 04-20-2017

Tips to Protect Your Eyes at Work from Our Eye Doctor in Columbus, OH

Whether you work with computers, work with dangerous machines, or work in an environment that deals with hazardous materials and/or flying debris, you can do your eyes a huge favor by investing in proper eyewear. According to the American Optometric Association, more than 2500 eye injuries occur on the job each year, including abrasions, chemical burns, and forced injuries…and that’s not taking into account the passive conditions (eye strain, dry eye, migraines etc.) experienced commonly by office workers. Here at Berk Eye Care Center in Gahanna and Columbus, Ohio—we’ve got your eyes covered with an array of affordable preventive eyewear options.

work place eye wear

Make Safety Glasses a Must in Hazardous Work Environments

Flying dust, eye-burning chemicals, laser-filled environments and factory-like workplaces can be very hazardous to your eye health. The eyes are very sensitive, and many common injuries can cause permanent vision damage. Prevention is the key to avoiding losing your sight, so we offer an extensive line of prescription and non-prescription safety glasses and goggles.

Certain environments with lots of particulates like construction work can benefit from adding side shields to their safety goggles. The good news is, that if you work in an OSHA regulated industry that advises the use of safety glasses, your company may even contribute a portion—or all—of your out of pocket expenses for these tools.

Computer Glasses and Variable Focused Lenses

Today, more and more jobs require employees to spend tremendous amounts of time using computer, iPads, cell phones and other screened devices. This can result in a condition called blue light induced ocular changes that cause dry eyes and blurry vision. Consistent users may begin to suffer chronic headaches and seem to struggle with performing their tasks properly, especially towards the conclusion of their work shift.

Frequent blinking and periodically resting your eyes between sessions can help temporarily. However, you must consider the long-term potential repercussions of computer use. Here at Berk Eye Care Center, we recommend specially designed computer glasses that reduce the glare and strain on the eyes when using such technology. If you require multifocal vision to see both afar and up close when on the computer, variable focused lenses may be the answer for your situation.

Contact Berk Eye Care Center in Columbus or Gahanna

If you want to protect your eyes with safety goggles, computer glasses or a pair of prescription sunglasses for outdoor work and play, call Berk Eye Care Center today.

Columbus, OH Location

Stop by our Columbus, Ohio location at 5180 E. Main Street or call 614-866-9002.

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If you’re looking for eye care in Gahanna, Ohio visit us at 943 E. Johnstown Road or call 614-476-2015 to schedule your appointment and consultation for eyewear in work environments.

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